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Claremont Ontario Canada 2023


Winter Carnival
Feb 3 - 11th, 2023
(more info below)


Jan-22 Willa Birse

Jan-23 Julie Tremblay-Gatley

Jan-23 Dawne-Marie Winterstein

Jan-24 Kenzie Duffin

Jan-24 Fiona Simpson-Holmes

Jan-26 Ken Uzzell

Jan-26 Rachel Scott

Jan-27 Brenda Wilson Bradshaw

Jan-27 Mandy Paterson

Jan-28 Rhonda Lewis

Jan-31 Treth Atkinson 

Feb-1 Lennox Carruthers

Feb-1 Bill Angliss

Feb-3 Shirley Ann Redshaw

Feb-3 Gillian Souder

Feb-4 Tracey Douglas

Feb-4 Ron (Checker)Hedges

Feb-5 Margaret Young 

Feb-5 R Kent Johnson

Feb-5 John Carruthers

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CWC 2023 - schedule page 1 of 2.jpg
CWC 2023 - Soup.jpg
CWC 2023 Dinner.png
CWC 2023 Trappers Ball.jpg

Sold Out in 1 day,
ask to be put on
the waitlist.


Claremont Book Club

If you would like to join, contact Kathryn Ann Mart

Here is the lineup for the first 6 month of 2023.

1. Wednesday January 18, 7pm-9pm – ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ – Khaled Hosseini

Venue - Sirisha Rao's home

2. Wednesday March 1st – ‘The Pearl That Broke Its Shell’ - Nadia Hashimi

3. Wednesday April 12 – ‘You Happier’ – Daniel G Amen

4. Wednesday May 24 – ‘Educated’ Tara Westover

5. Wednesday June 7th June 21 – To Be Determined


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